National/International Active 20-30

Active 20-30 International had its beginnings in 1922 when young men in two widely separated communities of the United States saw the need for a service club for young men. They found that established service clubs were dominated by older men, run by older men, and whose officers were invariably much older men.

This realization led those groups of ambitious young men to stray away from existing groups and organize a club of their own. These clubs shared the ideal that young men should have a chance to engage actively in service to their communities; where young ideas, backed by enthusiasm and the energy of youth, could share in civic responsibilities on an equal basis with clubs composed of older men.

These pioneers of young men’s service clubs simultaneously created two virtually identical clubs: the Active International, located in Aberdeen, Washington, and 20-30 International formed in Sacramento, California.

Merging Ideas and Resources

In 1959, President Norm Morrison of 20-30 and President Ken Helling of Active, exchanged a letter renewing the long standing proposal that these two identical young men’s service clubs should merge. In 1960, the 20-30 International Convention was held in Santa Cruz, California. The delegates unanimously adopted the merger proposal and the Constitution. One month later, the delegates at the Active International Convention in Calgary, Alberta, also unanimously adopted the propositions. Therefore, on August 1, 1960, Active International and 20-30 International became the Active 20-30 International. Today, there are 39 clubs in the United States, stretching from California to New York.

Active 20-30 of Napa #57 is also affiliated with Active 20-30 International and the World Council of Service Organizations (WOCO).

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Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
Phone: 847-852-5206       Fax: 847-885-8393

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Active 20-30 Clubs of US & Canada

Glendale #131 – 602-938-7011
Phoenix #99
Scottsdale #547
Southern Arizona #1027
Tucson #82
Valley of the Sun #1028

Auburn #19
Bakersfield #27
Calexico-Border Bandits #427
Chico #100
Gold Rush #1034
Golden Empire #1038
Greater Folsom #77
Greater Roseville/So. Placer Co. #36
Greater Sacramento #1032
Hangtown #43
Madera #160
Merced #53
Napa #57
North Bay #656
Redding #143
Redwood Empire #1029
Sacramento #1
Santa Rosa #50
Turlock #68

Denver #390
Northern Colorado #1040
Rocky Mountain #1042

Fort Wayne #700
Indianapolis #1036

Topeka #524

New Mexico
Albuquerque #103

Carson City #140
Carson Valley #85
Reno #8
Sierra Nevada #730

New York
Brentwood #1037

Eugene #920
Medford #133